We develop efficient cross-selling strategy in order to enhance sales through our wide customer base.

Our customer base is composed by 9.200 Travel Partners in Italy and 5.800 in Spain.
Thanks to our know-how and experience, we have been able to develop strong and reliable relationships with our customers which are always keen to take any opportunity by selling new partnerships offered by Global GSA.


What we provide for our partners

Our Inside Sales Support team, composed by 7 agents in Italy and 3 in Spain,is dynamic, result driven with extensive tourism market knowledge, providing highest quality standard of service with a pro-active approach. Our temas are focused on resoving customer issues efficiently wth a supportive approach to ensure customer retention.
They offer support to Travel Agencies via phone and through an online chat; run telemarketing campaigns collecting leads and prospect customers through our CRM.

A sales team covering the whole territory with several-years experience in tourism, mixed with our extended customer base, ensure to reach your goals in a very fast and efficient way.

Our sales team activities is supported by an inside sales team for telesales campaigns and connected through our in house CRM.

We provide tailored marketing plans to succeed in the market and achieve common goals we set up together