Thanks to our strong experience in car and motorhome rentals, we recently launched a new service of premium motorycle rentals.
A selection of unique models for a real On the Road experience on top destinations around the world.

What we provide for our partners

Our Inside Sales Support team is composed by 7 agents in Italy and 3 in Spain, strongly motivated and trained to provide highest quality of service with a pro-active approach. They provide support to Travel Agencies, run telemarketing campaigns and collect leads and prospect customers through our CRM.

Through our social media channels, we run periodic online training sessions dedicated to the Travel Agencies. Based on an accurate content marketing strategy, our online events allows to reach new prospect customers and enhance the brand awareness of our Partners.

With a customer base of more then 20.000 profiled addresses, we run direct marketing campaigns through DEM and newsletters to promote motorcycle rentals.
Supported by a smart mix of marketing activities, our campaigns are carefully studied with our partners to achieve the objectives we set together.