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Dedicated Help Desk

An efficient help desk represents the cornerstone for travel agencies and tour operators when choosing a GSA.

Our booking center offers multilingual assistance, being able to respond appropriately to all our clients’ requests and providing the following services:

  • sorting of phone calls into dedicated help desk units;
  • automatic identification of the caller’s phone number;
  • overflow management;
  • reporting of traffic statistics sorted by time period, flow, operator.

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Thanks to our CRM we are able to:

  • improve sales processes by increasing the amount of time dedicated to our clients;
  • track all the activities related to a single client or to a potential client;
  • identify the competitors and the main issues for every client;
  • determine areas and teams in order to develop and strengthen the organization;
  • manage offers and discounts to support sales processes;
  • publish sales documentation to support the sales network.


Our business intelligence tool allows us to generate statistics and graphics in order to analyze the data of every single client, thus being able to have a real-time and detailed scenario of sales, reservations and phone calls.